Hitting the slopes – Boys & Girls Club style

For six years, the Club has been introducing our kids to skiing and snowsports with the help of the NYSEF program and Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe. In 2011 we had 32 members experienced the thrill of skiing with expert instruction along the way and we’re looking forward to even bigger year in 2012! We are accepting applicants for teen snowboarders and skiers ages 9-12 for 2012.

In 2011, 12 of the members were brand new to the sport, while 18 of them were second-, third- or fourth-year skiers. We also had two that have been in the program for all five years – they are now Leaders In Training in the program.

This is the most kids we ever had in this program. We were thrilled every weekend to see the smiles on our members’ faces! They learn so much every week: How to put on boots, skis … how to ski in the “pizza” and “French fry” stances.

We had a boy who two years ago went two times s and dropped out due to asthma. This child had never been able to finish the Flying Jenny at Mr. Rose on his own without falling.  Last year he accomplished the Jenny and is onto trying the lifts next!

The Club appreciates all that is done for us: We get free gear, lessons, and space from NYSEF and Mt. Rose staff, while the Club provides sunscreen, lunches, lip balm and transportation. Last winter we had three parents who went up consistently to help ski with kids and another parent who helped organize.

For more information on the Boys & Girls Club’s Skiing and Snowboarding program, contact Area Director, Allen Taylor at (775) 360-2412 or e-mail at