Our People

Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows Staff

The Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows has full-time, professional leadership, supplemented by part-time workers and volunteers.


Youth Programming/Membership Offices:

  • Program Development Director: Casey Rogers
  • Athletic Director: Kelli Beaulieu
  • Area Director: Allen Taylor
  • Area Director: Shaenci Cossio
  • Area Director: Kalani Vaka
  • BGCTM Early Learning Program at the E. L. Wiegand Youth Center Assistant Director: Brittina Kogon Hill
  • Education Director: Tina Drudi
  • Family PLUS Director: Anne Studebaker
  • Membership Coordinator: Samantha Elliott
  • Membership Coordinator: Sarah Odom
  • Leaders In Training Coordinator: Ta-Tiana Anderson Hall
  • Donald W. Reynolds Facility Youth Site Coordinator: Brenda Torres  
  • William N. Pennington Facility Youth Site Coordinator: Sarah Bellows
  • Bernice Mathews Elementary School Site Coordinator: Tracy Herrera
  • Joe Mitchell Community Center Site Coordinator: Quinn Walther 
  • Neil Road Youth Site Coordinator: Stephanie Anguiano
  • Rollan Melton Elementary School Coordinator: Vickie Miller
  • Sun Valley Elementary School Site Coordinator: Kelcie Fausett
  • Lois Allen Elementary School Site Coordinator: Alex Gasetoto
  • Nancy Gomes Elementary School Site Coordinator: Ivan Ramirez – Lara
  • Verdi Elementary School Site Coordinator: Gladys Ruiz- Garcia
  • The Club Teen Center at the Donald W. Reynolds Facility: Anita Cowley
  • The Club Teen Center at the William N. Pennington Facility: Charles “Jr.” Walker
  • The Club Teen Center at the Larry D. Johnson Community Center: Breezy Younkin
  • The Club Teen Center at Hug High School: Tony Enriquez 
  • The Club Teen Center at Silverland Middle School, Fernley: Kaleigh Swinford  
  • Bresson Avenue Site Coordinator: Alexsis Adams
  • Donner Springs Elementary School Coordinator: Maritza Solis-Padilla
  • Hidden Valley Elementary School Coordinator: Tre Montgomery
  • East Valley Elementary School Coordinator (Fernley): Angie Frossard
  • Fernley Intermediate / Area Coordinator: Mandy Sam
  • Cottonwood Elementary School Coordinator (Fernley): Rose Hendrickson
  • Youth Art Coordinator: Eddie Guth
  • Technology Coordinator (programming): Dan Pike
  • SMART Moves Coordinator: Gary Durant
  • To contact us via mail, phone or fax, please visit our Contact Us page