Preventing Summer Learning Loss

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Summer learning loss refers to the amount of knowledge youth “lose” during the summer months.  Bigger losses mean more review at the beginning of the school year, and losses have even been shown to accumulate year after year and put youth at a disadvantage as they enter middle and high school. At the same time, summer learning loss is highly preventable, and the Boys & Girls Club will be there this summer to fight summer learning loss at its core.

Educational specialty camps offer week-long intensive studies with titles like Robotics Camp, Rocket Build, Sherlock Holmes Detective Camp and Club Kids’ College. In June, the Club launches its STEM Room where members will conduct earth and physical science experiments, explore new uses for technology, and learn about engineering. Plus, with high-yield learning activities integrated into all Club programming, members will have constant opportunities to exercise their brains, whether it’s keeping score in a basketball game, reading the rules to a new board game or using measurements in an art project. Together, all of these activities and programs will help ensure that Club members head back to school this fall on track to learn, grow and succeed in school.

For more information about the Club’s Summer Camp Programs call (775) 331-KIDS (5437).

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