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The Boys & Girls Club runs on the generosity of our community. The Club, through all of its programs, facilities, sports leagues, transportation, etc., provides about $570 worth of programming for every member per year, yet charges only $20 for an annual membership. The difference is made up mostly with fundraising, grants and donations. And this year we expect to serve more than 10,000 members.

This is why it is heartening to see the next generation of supporters getting involved – and Robbie Daugherty is one of our youngest to date.

Robbie may be an elementary school student but he is learning about the power of giving from his family, who have empowered him to choose a recipient for funding from the Sandra A. Daugherty Foundation, created by his grandfather in remembrance of his grandmother. Robbie and his family have been extensively involved with the Club, so he decided that’s where the contribution would go.

Thank you Robbie, the Daugherty family and the Sandra A. Daugherty Foundation for thinking of us.

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