Spelling Bee a S-U-C-C-E-S-S

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The Boys & Girls Club held it’s annual Spelling Bee on Friday. Kids came from most of the Club’s sites and school site, as well as a other Boys & Girls Clubs in the region. The breakdown of winners/sites by grade:


  • First Place: Thomas Bright (Mason Valley – Silver Springs)
  • Second Place: Addison Alter (North Lake Tahoe)
  • Third Place: Mariah Ngala (Neil Road)
  • Fourth Place: Bethanie Snyder (Sun Valley)

First Grade

  • First Place: Lindsey Hukill (Fernley – Cottonwood)
  • Second Place: Jakob Preston (Mason Valley – Yerington)
  • Third Place: Nathan Cervantes (Sun Valley)
  • Fourth Place: Patricia Fahey (Reno Christian Academy)

Second Grade

  • First Place: Zera Moen (RCA)
  • Second Place: Angelina Buswell (Donald W. Reynolds Facility)
  • Third Place: Ryan VanPatten (Western Nevada)
  • Fourth Place: Tristan Clark (Fernley – Cottonwood)

Third Grade

  • First Place: Erica Kingston (Fernley – Cottonwood)
  • Second Place: Larissa Koitmaa (Nancy Gomes)
  • Third Place: Nataleah Rodriguez (Echo Loder)
  • Fourth Place: Pru Knox (Western Nevada)

Fourth Grade

  • First Place: Kestrel Sura (North Lake Tahoe)
  • Second Place: Kate Kelley (North Lake Tahoe)
  • Third Place: Elizabeth Yurcisin (DWR)
  • Fourth Place: Stephanie Haddad (Lois Allen)

Fifth Grade

  • First Place: Armaan Aguilar (RCA)
  • Second Place: Angela Ake (Veterans)
  • Third Place: Alanna Donowho (Lois Allen)
  • Fourth Place: Leslie (Mason Valley – Yerington)

Sixth Grade

  • First Place: Carolina Barrera (DWR)
  • Second Place: Joshua Degues (RCA)
  • Third Place: Malaya Moore (Lois Allen)
  • Fourth Place: Diakota Williams (Mason Valley – Yerington)

Seventh Grade

  • First Place: Mallory Tyler (North Lake Tahoe)
  • Second Place: Leslie Hutcherson (RCA)
  • Third Place: Austin Grand-Pre (DWR)
  • Fourth Place: Tirffany Whitehead (Mason Valley – Silver Springs)

Eighth Grade

  • First Place: Lauren Bain (RCA)
  • Second Place: Matthew Stine (Western Nevada)
  • Third Place: Matt Phillips (Mason Valley – Yerington)

High School

  • First Place: Andreah McCoy (Western Nevada)
  • Second Place: Brogan Gonzalez (LDJ)
  • Third Place: JP Kaina (DWR)
  • Fourth Place: Trish Buado (LDJ)
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